The Generational Gap: An Opinion

Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010 by The Urbalists in

As we proceed to give you what you need ...
Well hip hop as failed me on that part , because what i needed was quality not quantity , it was hard work and work ethic and all i was given was a bland, process cheese like product ,where anybody with a computer and 5000 dollars to make a video could become a hit.I know you will tell me the game has changed and all that but it changed to what exactly. When the biggest seller is Lil Wayne, when you can't differentiate between mainstream and underground anymore but as much as i can blame the industry for giving me crap, i have to blame myself and you for accepting mediocrity in all form,the fact that we keep on buying what they put out , i buy because they sell and they sell because i buy: simple economics 101.

So lets see what failed in the system,
The conscious rapper who at one point was at the forefront of the scene has been relegated to the great void of the underground, it's like they have the plague, those whose name cannot be uttered. We understand it was never cool to read a book, never been cool to have gone to school, never been cool to be smarter then the average but conscious rap wasn't all about those things , it was always more, you didn't have to be book smart ,you could've been street smart .the greatest rappers to me are the best story tellers. for example: slick rick ; biggie smalls these rappers in the simplest but structurally tight verses brought you into the world they imagine for the duration of a song or for a complete album.there was no need to use big words and obscure references .you just had to tell a story.
Recently a study came out saying that the biggest sellers in hip hop were those who had lyrical content , like Jay-Z,
Eminem,and this one i find hilarious Lil Wayne (explanation on that one was that with age, he got more lyrical)
true in some sense he did and i praise him for the evolution but conscious rapper he's not.
A few lone soldiers are still clinging to the mainstream but it seems really for those in the know.

To be continued...

Mack Jos